VST Plugins and Synths – Cronox 3


Crono x VST Plugin GUI

We can’t always rely only on free VSTi Plugins, because even though they are free…they are definitely not the best. If you truly want to go that extra distance in your music production you will have to invest money into it. Some VST Plugins can cost a pretty penny, and it is always good to know what you are investing in prior to dropping some cash on it.

Therefore to give you a clearer idea of what you are getting into with the Cronox 3 VST Plugin, we have decided to flesh it out for you through text. Now we’re not saying that this VSTi is the best on the market, but we do recognize that this is one of the more popular one. If you are thinking of purchasing a VST Plugin in the future, then this review is for you.

So what does the CronoX 3 VST Plugin have to offer us:

  • Easy on the eyes GUI
  • Multiple sound formats (Play around with the soundscape, you can tweak it to your liking)
  • LFO (has its own effects such as delay, decay time, attack etc…all adjustable)
  • Analogue modeled oscillators
  • Midi syncs in well so pitch bending, velocity and so forth will go seamlessly on your controller
  • Bunch of effects (chorus, stereo enhancer, crusher, EQ and more)
  • Easily browse presets
  • Wave table generator
  • Loop sampler Generator

This VSTi has a lot more features that you can check out once purchased, the ones we mentioned only is the tip of the iceberg. Cronox 3 comes with more than 2100 presets, which compared to Synth 1 is not that much. But these presets are of top notch quality that will definitely enhance your music production experience. This synth however, does depend heavily on RAM so if you don’t have a lot then you might have to think about purchasing Cronox 3.

The VST Plugins Down Low

There are several synths that are much cheaper than this one, in fact the price might be one of the reasons most people won’t purchase it. The license fee comes down to about $130 USD which is quite pricey. But disregarding the price you will find that the Cronox will give you superior control over your sounds.

The GUI is easy enough to understand that even newbies would be able to figure it out without spending too much time browsing through tutorials. For those starting from scratch the Cronox 3 is also a viable option because upon purchase you get an 84 page manual that explains to you exactly what each knob does and where to find what. The manual also includes 800+ presets so you should pretty much be set with that.

Now regarding sound; CX allows you to manipulate your synth to the smallest detail. This synth isn’t supposed to be thought of as a one synth fits all, but rather it should be praised for its detail to what it has to offer. Despite that the synth also likes to eat up CPU memory, you’ll be able to obtain instant satisfaction in your production.

Is it worth the price? Well that all comes down to preferences and if you really want to see if it will be worth your money, why not download the demo version and the manual and play around with it. Overall the synth is very good and will definitely serve any producer, in the end it will all come down to whether or not you are looking for something like CX or not. Learn more from this VST plugins website here.

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